Bear 3D Model Percuma

Bear 3D Model Percuma pada Flatpyramid. The bear (Ursus) is the central genus in the Bear family (Ursidae). The genus brings together the most typical and well-known family members, and generates common systematic criteria for assigning animals to it. According to paleontologic data, the Bear's race appeared 5-6 million years ago. The first of its representatives is currently considered a bear of small size, Ursus minimus - a relatively small animal whose fossil remains are found in France. All modern four species of genus, as well as a number of extinct (such as, for example, the cave bear (Ursus spelaeus)) originate from the Etruscan bear (Ursus etruscus), which lived 2-1 million years ago. The youngest species of the genus is the white bear (Ursus maritimus), which separated from the brown bear about 200 thousand years ago. The genus includes several species, including extinct: Cave Bear - Ursus spelaeus (extinct) small bear - Ursus minimus (extinct) Etruscan bear - Ursus etruscus (extinct) Ursus deningeri modern: Himalayan bear - Ursus thibetanus Bear Baribal - Ursus americanus brown bear - Ursus arctos bear white - Ursus maritimus "According to the latest edition of the" Types of mammals of the world "(2005), within this genus distinguish the following 4 modern species and subspecies of the genus Ursus: Genus Bear - Ursus Kind of Bear Barybal - Ursus americanus (subspecies americanus, altifrontalis, amblyceps, californiensis, carlottae, cinnamomum, emmonsii, eremicus, floridanus, hamiltoni, kermodei, luteolus, machetes, perniger, pugnax, vancouver) Kind of Bear Bear - Ursus arctos (subspecies arctos, alascensis, beringianus, californicus, collaris, crowtheri, dalli, gyas, horribilis, isabellinus, lasciitis, middendorffi, pruinosus, sitkensis, stikeenensis, syriacus) Kind of Bear White - Ursus maritimus Kind of Himalayan bear - Ursus thibetanus (subspecies of thibetanus, formosanus, gedrosianus, japonicus, laniger, mupinensis, ussuricus) Fur and leather of all kinds have long been considered a prominent trophy and are used when sewing clothes or as a decoration in their entirety, in particular, in Comenesti, there is traditional clothing during the parade. Download Bear 3D Model Free on Flatpyramid sekarang.