Model Alien 3D

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Model Pesawat Alien 3D.

Alien adalah hipotesis (dalam karya fiksyen seni) yang hidup rasional yang merupakan orang asing di planet kediaman dari planet lain. Pada masa ini, ia juga merupakan fenomena budaya, seorang wakil tamadun luar angkasa yang bijak, penduduk dari planet yang berlainan (sering bukan manusia).

In mass culture, the images of aliens vary considerably. They are often animals, either similar to those of the earth (in many cases, monkeys or insects; as a rule, insects with developed social organization and xenophobia, such as ants or bees, appear as the earth’s analog, which corresponds to a huge collective image drawn in artistic fiction. mind, refusing contact with other species and leading with them endless extermination wars), or xenomorphs that have no analogs among earthly creatures. Sometimes aliens are thought of as functional animal-plant hybrids, intelligent plants, fungi, very rarely – colonies of bacteria or viruses (the latter always need carrier organisms), there are also types of pure bodiless mind or consisting of a uniform amorphous substance, reasonable oceans (Solaris) or planets. Sometimes even alien-laid eggs are endowed with thinking. In some cases, the morphology of aliens appears obscure, but they take on a human or humanoid appearance to make it easier for them to contact people.