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If you think about passenger aircraft probably you think about Boeing. In this category, you will find Boeing 3D models.

The Boeing Company is an American corporation. One of the top manufacturers in aviation, space, and military spheres. The headquarters is located in Chicago (Illinois, USA). The location of the main production facilities and at the same time the birthplace of the corporation is Seattle (WA). For many decades, Boeing has been the largest US aerospace firm, the country’s largest exporter, the largest employer in the Seattle industrial area and the US Northwest as a whole in terms of the number of employed (the total salary of employees is 1–4 of the wage fund of the entire industrial workforce) , is among the twelve largest industrial corporations in the country and the “big three” manufacturers of weapons and military equipment (together with Lockheed Martin and Raytheon), the leading contractors of the US military-industrial complex by annual volume orders. About half of the revenues from sales of products and services provided are the federal client sector of serving military orders (excluding foreign customers of American weapons and military equipment). The company’s activities in the military-industrial complex segment vary from the release of weapons and military equipment to nuclear tests.

Syarikat itu menghasilkan pelbagai pesawat awam dan tentera, bersama Airbus sebagai pengeluar pesawat terbesar di dunia. Di samping itu, syarikat itu menghasilkan pelbagai peralatan aeroangkasa untuk tujuan ketenteraan (termasuk helikopter), menjalankan program ruang berskala besar (contohnya, kapal angkasa CST-100).

Struktur Boeing mempunyai dua bahagian besar:

Boeing Commercial Airplanes yang terlibat dalam pembinaan pesawat awam;
Sistem Pertahanan Bersepadu, menjalankan ruang dan program ketenteraan.

Format fail Boeing 3D yang paling popular:

  • 3ds
  • FBX
  • c4d
  • lwo
  • obj