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Model 3D tandas pada Flatpyramid.

Toilet (fr. Toilettes) – a room for the administration of natural needs (urination, defecation and anti-peristalsis). The toilet room has a toilet and other sanitary facilities, such as a sink and bidet. Modern toilets are connected to the sewage system, or have a tank designed for recycling by biodegradation. There are also portable toilet cabins.

Perhaps the oldest premises (its age – 4.5 thousand years) for the administration of natural needs found in the territory of the fortress of Mohenjo-Daro (now Pakistan). It is a brick structure with a seat associated with underground sewage. Also similar premises were in China, Egypt and Ancient Rome.

Menurut satu versi, tandas pertama dengan tandas muncul di pulau Crete jauh sebelum permulaan zaman kita. Dia kelihatan seperti bangku batu, yang dengan bantuan sistem paip yang kompleks, air dibekalkan.

In the Middle Ages, in each stone castle on each floor there were one or several so-called latrines – bay windows, protrusions, where there were “secret chambers”. The seat was a stone slab with a rounded hole. The latrines of the knightly family were in the mine of the fireplace and were cozy and warm. Straw or a sponge was used as hygiene products. Sewage flowed down the vertical pipes into the moat. Since people in the Middle Ages believed that poisonous smells caused diseases, they made sure that the moat was regularly cleaned.