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It is difficult to count all the varieties and what tableware exist in the modern world. And how many classifications have been invented for it: by purpose, by material, by shape, by size, by color, by style, by the method of heat treatment, by the method of decoration, by completeness, etc. Of course, 3D designers do not need to know all these nuances, but some of them would be useful. So, all the dishes can be divided according to its purpose and the materials from which it is made.

Alat memasak. These are pots, saucepans, ladles, pans – in general, all those dishes in which food can be cooked.

Hidangan untuk penyimpanan. Ini adalah bekas, balang kaca, dan botol, bekas untuk bijirin dari pelbagai bahan.

Pinggan mangkuk. Ini semua hidangan, yang menyajikan meja dan hidangan yang dihidangkan. Ini adalah kelas terbesar di mana terdapat beberapa subclass, contohnya, peralatan teh, kopi, alkohol, alat makan.

Peralatan pinggan dibuat dari pelbagai bahan, bergantung kepada tujuannya.

The decoration of with tableware is very important. This is a kind of art, which is reflected not only in creating an aesthetically beautiful composition of dishes. Serving implies the following of certain specific conventions. They include the time of the day during the eating: the table served for breakfast will be different from the festive evening meal. In addition, important factors are a selection of tablecloths of a certain type, the correct choice of glasses and plates, table decor.

Artis 3D mencipta peralatan memasak dan peralatan 3D yang berbeza yang boleh dibahagikan kepada subkategori:

– Porcelain and crockery.
– Glassware.
– Ceramic and glass-ceramic dishes.
– Crystal tableware.
– Utensils from stainless steel, nickel silver, and aluminum.
– Wicker ware.
– Wooden utensils.
– Plastic and paper utensils.

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